object.type(3) is an interactive transmedia story. Gay trans cyborg warrior monks have been neurologically integrated into a military AI system, stationed in virtual reality chambers across the globe, and forced to fight against a rogue superintelligence.

Features mind-controlled drone swarms, VR battles with mythical monsters, gay romance, trans intimacy, and AI ethics.

Combines a choose-your-own-adventure narrative, glitch aesthetics, ARG elements, and multimedia hypertexts that provide fragmentary perspectives into the world’s mysterious events and characters.

I add a new volume to the story once per year.


Xenoestrogen: Trans panic in outer space. (2024)

Manifesto: Terrorist chat log from a future where AI is governed safely and responsibly. (2024)

Odd Cathedral I & II: Reflections on liminality, love, and information ecology. (2023 & 2024)

Day Off: A lonesome trickster picks flowers in the park. (2024)

Switch: An AI-fueled fling with a mysterious stranger at the edge of reality. (2023)

The Cold: A short story inspired by my upbringing in Northern Ontario. And capitalist aliens. (2018)

No Escape: A short story about virtual realities. (2014, awarded the Norma Epstein Foundation Award in Creative Writing)

Legacy System: Elegy for a post-apocalyptic robot abandoned by its creator.  (2014, published in Issue 2 of The Spectatorial) 

Distance & Entanglement: Miltonian space opera meets love song. (Revised in 2013, awarded the 2010 Norma Epstein Foundation Award in Creative Writing under the title “A Song of Liberty”