Object Type 3 is an interactive web story about AI ethics and gay trans cyborg warrior monks.

They have to command robot swarms with their minds to stop the technological singularity from happening.

They’re also desperately in love with each other.

Comes with generous portions of sci-fi action, political intrigue, psychological horror, and queer drama.

I add new content regularly.


The Cold: A short story inspired by my upbringing in Northern Ontario. And capitalist aliens. (2018)

No Escape: A short story about virtual realities. (2014, awarded the Norma Epstein Foundation Award in Creative Writing)

Legacy System: Channeling the ghost of William Blake, I elegize a post-apocalyptic robot abandoned by its creator.  (2014, published in Issue 2 of The Spectatorial) 

Distance & Entanglement: Miltonian space opera meets love song. (Revised in 2013, awarded the 2010 Norma Epstein Foundation Award in Creative Writing under the title “A Song of Liberty”


I’ve been making experimental ambient music since 2007, and The 2045 is my latest ambient project.

I sample electronic and video game music and slow down / edit / remix the samples to make new tracks. Sometimes it’s relaxing, sometimes it’s creepy, sometimes it’s cinematic.

You can find my music on Bandcamp and Spotify.